Maples Creche



“This school is the beginning  of wisdom and the little kids are just like vision in progress. Thanks a lot ”

 Georges Dad

“Since starting in the Maples creche Megan totally came out of her shell. Although still a bit shy at times she is learning to communicate with people. She loves her teachers. She really enjoys her play & art & craft time. Its been an amazing experience so far for Megan and we are looking forward to more. Thank you all so much. ”


“Me and Oskar are very happy of the preschool. The teachers are very nice and kind.. Oskar is still a bit shy but every day he learns something different. I will certainly recommend this preschool to my friends”


“I am coming to the end of 12 years of childcare at Maples Creche and I have only good things to say about Monica  and the girls. My children have been happy there as infants up to school age and after school. They  have very happy memories and talk friendly of their time at the Maples. ”


“Sophie loves coming to school. She has made loads of new friends . She loves all the teachers. She is learning loads of new songs, colours, shapes and how to paint and draw. Thanks for being so good to her.”


“Its great to see how all the children and staff got on so well. I love all he lovely photos on the walls. They are always laughing and smiling and in great form no matter what time of the day I pop in. Both my boys look forward to going to school and my eldest is leaving for big school this year and he is hoping all his friends will be coming to same school with him. He says he will miss al his teachers here. Well done girls. ”

Happy mam

“I am very happy that Milana comes here for preschool. Over weekends my daughter just cant wait to get back to school. She really likes her teachers and tells me how well she is getting on here. Also she has hanks to all Milanas teachers for taking such a good care of my daughter. ”


“Glen is really happy here in the preschool. He is always talking about his friends in his school and loves coming in all the time. He really enjoys it.”


“Thank you very much for inviting me to the to the school tour with kids today. It was very enjoyable and Max had great fun. He couldn’t stop talking about it all night. Thanks again.”


“My son George attended Maples Creche  for preschool year in this period he has improved in many areas and he has enjoyed every activities especially the outdoor activity where he helped his teacher plant a flower. I seen many pictures of him in action and he looked very happy and dedicated. I am very happy with his achievement. Thanks to all he staff in Maples creche for their  hard work.”


“I am proud of the progress that Elijah has made over the past year. I want to thank the lovely staff in Males for their continued support and encouragement that has helped Elijah to reach his potential.”


“ I have to say all my 3 children have been here and it will be a sad day when Adam will be finished. They all loved it. They still want to come back. They all got the best start in life and education and I wish them all the best in the future.”


“ Max is very happy here at Maples creche. He gets on well with all the kids and comes home with happy stories and lots of paintings and crafts. He loves telling us about all the fun things he had done in his preschool. We are very happy with progress. Thank you everyone at Maples you have been very helpful and Max loves his teachers and it be hard to say goodbye to you.”


“Robyn has a wonderful time here and loves getting up every morning to come in.  She has made so many friends and learned great songs and how to paint, colour between the lines. All the staff at Maples are so friendly and really great with the kids. Thank you so much for everything. Robin and we will be very sorry to be finishing up in a few weeks. “


“Sean is so happy coming to Maples to school. He brings home some lovely pictures and crafts. Thank you all so much for the work and care you are giving to Sean.”


“I just spent a lovely morning helping out & observing the children. They have so much fun –it’s great to see. Lots of imagination in there!!! Keep up the fantastic work. You all do a fabulous job xxx.”


“ I spent a lovely morning with the kids and staff. The interaction with the staff and children was fantastic. They are very attentive and allow the kids to show their own personalities trough play. I have no reservations with any element of the Maples Creche and both of my children have blossomed from their time here.”


“ Katie has been coming to maples Creche since she was 6 months old. She has excellent vocabulary and this would be down to the girls in the school. She loves going to school and she has made brilliant friends there. All staff were very helpful.”


“Since Sam started here he has become more open and outgoing with other children. He is learning to communicate better and express himself. He has great self confidence and at the same time he loves both the staff and the many friends he has made here. Thank you.”


“Maples creche is a fantastic environment for developing small minds. Staff here are very friendly, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile. Highly recommended.”


“Both my lads have enjoyed coming in to Maples school every day. This will be our last year here and the boys keep saying they are going to really miss  Monica and all the teachers. Both boys have really become more confident with themselves and their imaginations have really expanded. All staff here are very approachable and friendly.”


“Tomas likes going to playgroup. He likes meeting the same age friends to play with. He is learning to speak English and getting ready to go to school.”



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