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The Maples Creche is a purpose built creche that opened in 2006. A friendly atmosphere is very important in our creche. This is based on warm and caring relationships between our team and the children in their care. Our priority is the development of your child; whether it is emotionally, socially or physically.


At Maples creche we fully understand the challenges and worries parents face when looking for a creche or preschool, possibly for the first time. We are here to support and guide you and will help parents and children to settle in.

We offer full and part time hours for your child, including morning and afternoon sessions. For children attending local schools we offer an afterschool service. Our team is very approachable and would be delighted to discuss with you all options available.

At Maples Creche and preschool we have the following age groups:

Babies – 6 months and up

Toddlers – 18 months and up

Explorers – from 2.5 years

Preschool – from 3.3 years

Afterschool – from 5 years

At the Maples creche we aim to provide a happy, caring, educational and secure environment for each and every child. When you place your child in our care you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a highly competent and qualified team is caring for your child.

We use Aistear Curriculum for the planning of most our activities. Our Curriculum broadens your child’s experience, and encourages them in all aspects of their learning.

At Maples creche we believe the quality of care your child receives in their early years is vital. We believe that quality childcare can positively influence children’s earliest experiences and play a vital role in their future development in partnership with their families. Maples creche is committed to a child-centred approach to childcare.





Our manager Monica Delaney has more than 20 years of experience working with children.  She has previously managed a creche from 1999 until this purpose built creche was opened. Her love for children and her dedication to her work makes Maples creche the very special, loving children cantered creche and preschool that it is.

Monica has MA in Child Development and BA in Early Childhood Education. She is continuously updating all the necessary training and qualifications that come on stream. She is always looking for new ways to make learning for children fun, caring and encouraging.


We believe learning should be fun. Our activity programmes are specially designed to ensure your child’s day is spent in a caring environment with the best interaction possible. We have designed a curriculum for each age group which encourages children to think, reason, question, experiment and explore.



Our staff culture is one of fun teamwork and dedication to the highest standards. Our team all act as role models and recognise that children lead by example and are constantly learning through observation. Mutual respect, encouragement and patience are demonstrated at all times in our creche.



All our staff members have more than 10 years work experience with children of all ages. Each and every one of the Maples Creche care team is trained to the highest standards to ensure your child’s every need is catered to. From organised group play to individual activities, your child is constantly encouraged to grow as an independent person and interact in a group.

We recognise that each child develops at their own pace and we encourage them to thrive according to their personal stage of development. We aim to provide a home from home environment, which is safe, warm and loving.



You can access the last Department of Education and Science (DEC) inspection report by clicking here.

You can access the last Tusla inspection report by clicking here.


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