Maples Creche


Maples-creche-childcare-portlaoise-home-15.1The Maples Creche and preschool is located close to the town centre in Portlaoise. At Maples Creche we aim to provide high quality, flexible, affordable childcare that meets the needs of parents and children alike.

We are  providing full childcare service for:

  • Toddlers
  • Preschool
  • Afterschool

At the Maples, we know that finding the right childcare service for your little one is a very important and challenging decision to make.

We also understand that it is important that you feel secure and that your child’s holistic needs will be met when leaving your little one in the care of the others. The Maples Creche and prescool is developed with this in mind.

Maples-Creche_preschool62The Maples creche and preschool in Portlaoise aims to provide a happy, caring, secure educationally based environment for each and every child and parent.

When you place your child in our care, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a highly competent and qualified team is caring for your child.


All Maples staff are qualified. We carry out a rigorous recruitment process before employing only those whose vocation is the care of children.

We seek to employ carers who are qualified, experienced. We look for individuals who have excellent communication skills so that they can build trusting and open relationship with children and parent.


Maples-creche-childcare-portlaoise-home-10.1Our staff culture is one of fun, teamwork and dedication to high standards.

We implement strict working policies, procedures and practices and employ a level of staff to comply with staff-child ratios defined in pre-school regulations.

We provide continuous on-the-job and off-site staff training to maintain our high standards of care.

Each staff member holds a current First Aid Certificate.


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